Crafting the Alphabet: L, M, N, & O

On August 13, 2012 by voneinspired

Just after I returned to being at home everyday back in February, I decided it would be fun for Isla and I to create a new picture for each letter of the alphabet, once a week. The idea came from No Time for Flashcards, which has an entire section devoted to letter projects, and it looked like a fun project that we could do together – while helping Isla to learn her letters.  And so far, it’s been working really well. The pictures seem to give her an image to associate with the letters: when Isla is struggling to remember how to write a letter, she tries to remember which craft we did for that letter. “What does an H look like? Oh, yeah, like hands!”

I had been sharing each of the letter individually, but since I haven’t posted in awhile – and a separate post for each letter could drag this on for ever – I thought I’d group some together, and show you L, M, N, & O all at once.

L is for Lace — and Lilo (Isla’s big sister).

Before we make any letter, we have a lengthy discussion on what picture or craft would best suit the letter. Isla is very picky, and won’t do just the easiest idea, or first that comes to mind. For the letter L, Isla really wanted to paste a collection of photographs of  her sister whose name just happens to start with L – Lilo. (I love that she thinks of her sister!) Since we already did a similar picture for “I for Isla” I thought it would be fun to do another technique. But she insisted, so we compromise and did L for Lilo — and lace.

First, I drew out the letter L on construction paper and she cut, cut, cut it out.

She then glued the L onto a piece of background paper, and glued on some lace. Super easy and pretty. 

Finally,  we sorted through our photo folders on the computer, and found some favourite pictures of Lilo. And then we added some of the printed photos of Lilo like we did for the Letter I for Isla. And there we have the letter L for Lace and Lilo.

M is for Mermaid

Isla liked the idea of M for Mermaid – even though they instead of looking like they’re holding hands, they kind of look like some mutant Siamese twin mermaids.

I cut out the mermaid bodies holding hands and the tails, and then we each coloured one. Isla really liked the idea of colouring with Mom. Next, I cut out tops from printed paper and we glued on some yarn for hair. It was Isla’s idea to give them purses and jewellery, and also insisted on rocks at the bottom and fish swimming around. I think they turned out pretty cute and perfect for my little girly-girl.

N is for Nails and Newspaper

For the letter N, we certainly contrasted Isla’s normal girlishness with Nails and Newspaper. This was a fun letter to do, since it involved techniques we don’t usually do in our normal crafting activities. First, I cut out 4 layers of cardboard in the shape of the letter N and glued them all together. Then, we added nails. I chose some roofing nails from my hubby’s stock – since their large heads make them easier to hit with the hammer, and they aren’t too long.


 We wisely decided to do the nailing outside on our old picnic table – instead of inside on our dining room table where we do most projects.

As you can see from the photos, Isla really enjoyed hammering the nails! First, she pushed the points into place, and then hit them home – sometimes straight, sometimes not so straight. It was good that the nails pushed in the cardboard, so she didn’t have to hold the nails with little fingers while hammering – which would certainly have been a bad idea. Finally, to finish off the background of this letter we tore up pieces of newspaper and glued them down on a piece of cardstock. Once dry, I glue gunned the N into place.


O is for Owl

Unfortunately, while putting the photos together for this post, I realized that I forgot to take pictures during the process. But, as you can see, it was rather simple.

It was Isla’s idea to cut up feathers for the body,  which we attached to the O with a glue stick. For the wings, we used bigger feather and a drop of white glue to make them stick. I cut out the extra details, such as the eyebrows and feet – and Isla used a glue stick to stick them down. Finally, of course, we attached some googly eyes.

Below are all of the past letters we’ve done. I’ll share another group of letters in a few weeks – and we’re hoping to pick up our pace and complete the whole alphabet before Isla starts Junior Kindergarten in September!


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